Surviving a Loss: Moving Through Grief

You may have heard the saying, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes,” but who is ever truly prepared to lose someone or something important in his or her life? Grief is an emotional response that’s triggered by a major life change or loss and can be devastating and debilitating for some, leaving them struggling with the idea of how to move forward with their life. It’s important to realize that while everyone experiences the same feelings associated with grief — shock, denial, anger, guilt, sadness, depression, and resolution — all people grieve differently. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve and people may experience these stages in different orders, at different times and in different ways. So how do you move through the grief process and create your “new normal”?

Take care of yourself
Maintaining a healthy routine is important, so eat regular meals, get plenty of rest and try to get some exercise.

Express your feelings
Grief brings with it many emotions, so cry when you need to cry and acknowledge when you’re feeling angry.

Give yourself time
I often tell people “time is your friend.” In time, things will get easier. Give yourself the time you need to grieve. There’s no magical timeframe; we all grieve differently and you may need more or less time to grieve than someone else.

Be prepared
Grief may come and go, leaving you feeling fine one day and a wreck the next. Feelings may come up at unexpected times – this is normal.

Get professional help
If you feel stuck, seek the help of a licensed therapist or join a support group.

Remember, you’re not alone.