It’s Not Your Father’s Therapy

Gone are the days when a person is stigmatized because he or she is seeing a therapist. Instead, people now seek counseling to establish and reach personal goals, improve relationships at home or work and enhance their overall enjoyment of life.

The decision to enter therapy is a personal one. Equally personal is the relationship established between the therapist and client. It’s vitally important both agree that a relationship can be created which will be supportive, nurturing and, above all, helpful to the client.

Goals for therapy vary by client and, while it’s commonly true that individuals seek counseling because of mental health issues like depression and anxiety, more often individuals are seeking to improve the overall quality of their lives. Therapy frequently works to promote problem-solving skills, change behaviors, encourage personal growth and gain insight into a person’s life.

Deciding to enter into a therapeutic relationship can be difficult, but I believe everyone possesses the inner strength to make positive life changes and, with professional guidance, achieve meaningful personal growth.