Four Steps to a Stress-Free Life

In the climate of today’s world, it’s nearly impossible not to feel “stressed out.”
Symptoms of stress and anxiety present in various forms and may include obsessive thoughts and feelings of panic, as well as physical symptoms such as nausea, a racing heart, and muscle tensions. For most, making a few simple changes will lead to an improved mood and an enhanced sense of control:

1. Look for causes
What’s adding stress to your life?
Are you more stressed out at work or at home?
Are relationship problems, financial struggles or too little time adding to your level of stress?

2. Make changes where you can
Evaluate your situation and make even small changes where possible to help reduce stress.

3. Become more organized
Make a schedule that allows for both work and relaxation.
Set priorities and let go of less important obligations.

4. Take care of yourself
Eat regular meals.
Get plenty of rest.
Exercise regularly.
Do something at least once a week just for yourself for fun.
While the above techniques will help most people lower stress, there are times when these steps are not enough. During these times, please ask for help.