Have you found yourself feeling tearful or miserable without knowing quite why? Ongoing feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, or worthlessness can be primary symptoms of depression.

Depression (officially called major depressive disorder) isn’t something you can simply “snap out of.” You may find a lack of interest in the activities you used to enjoy, lack of motivation, or changes in your usual appetite and sleep rhythms. Depression can also show up as anger and irritability, especially in children and teens.

Depressive symptoms can also occur with bipolar disorder, so it’s important to get professional support to understand what’s going on and what your best treatment options may be.

With evidence-based approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, our therapists can help you rebalance your mood and find new vitality in your life.

If you are in a crisis and may hurt yourself or attempt suicide, please call 988 or go to your local emergency room.