Change Your Course With Couples Counseling

National statistics report that 50% of first marriages will end in divorce. Relationships are anything but simple and it’s easy to take yours for granted when you find yourself dealing with the realities everyday life. Relationships require effort and nurturing. If you feel that your relationship isn’t what it used to be or what you would like it to be, remember these key elements:

The ability to state your needs and wants in a way that can be easily understood, guarantees a much higher likelihood of those needs being met. Improving communication skills is how we learn to overcome unproductive patterns of communication and move beyond unresolved issues.

Intimacy in a relationship is the bond that strengthens the commitment between the couple. Intimacy is more than the sexual relationship shared by the couple and often serves as the foundation to the overall quality and satisfaction of the relationship.

Conflict Resolution
It’s important that couples learn to resolve their disagreements in a manner in which both parties feel they’ve been heard and their needs have been met. When this happens, both parties tend to feel more satisfied with the relationship.

A professional couples therapist can help you and your partner sort out problems and build a strong relationship or fine-tune a good relationship to make it better. Whether you are in the middle of a crisis or moving through a transition time, a therapist can be a tremendous source of support, strength and growth.