Terry Blanton, MSW, LCSW

Are you feeling lonely, down, and/or anxious? Not sure what you are feeling? Do you have a child or a teen who is lost and needs help with bullying, trauma, self esteem, or aggression? Did you experience abuse or trauma, or need to share a challenge you are going through? Counseling or therapy
is a safe environment in which one can feel heard and come together with a neutral person, and form a therapeutic alliance. I am very compassionate, non judgmental, empathic,
and easy to talk to. Counseling is all about the therapeutic relationship and feeling you are an equal in this partnership.
I am a licensed clinical social worker with over six years of therapy experience, which includes 19 years of social work experience. I have experience with trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders.
Past experience in a clinical setting with psychiatrists and clinicians. Past experience working with families affected by abuse and or neglect. I have worked in an outpatient substance abuse treatment setting also.