Angela E. Grace, MSW, LCSW

In a world that has become so fast and unpredictable it can be hard to feel connected; we can even feel disconnected from ourselves. With friends and family we may hold back, knowing that each of them holds their own worries and pain. In my work with individuals and families over the past 20 years I have seen that there is great power in knowing that even one other person really listens and cares. I am often told that my direct communication style, evident compassion and faith in each human spirit help others to speak more freely with me. Hope starts here.

I specialize in helping individuals find their strength and tap into their wisest self to find their own answers to life’s challenges. I teach skills to build self-confidence, manage stress, strengthen relationships and cope with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and intellectual disabilities. I give each person the space to explore and grow from their deepest pain and from the places that inspire their greatest ideals. Give yourself the gift of reaching out and together we can find your strength. I look forward to working with you.